Welcome to the
Darker Side


The darker side is a new website currently in development. It will hopefully bring you a collection of bands events all associated with the darker side of life.

Amongst the bands that we will be highlighting are my personal favourites NOFX, the Vandals, Happy Slapping, and Lagwagon. Hell, we even love Lucie Jones- how sad is that? Once we're up and running properly we'll have a contact form and forum on which you can post ideas, suggestions for the site- in the meantime please feel free to email us at info@darkerside.co.uk

I really need some proper content to this site and I will get round to it sometime soon I promise. It's a cool domain and i need to concentrate on using it (by the way if you've somehow found this page on the web -"hello to you!", however this is more like a blog for the time being until i get myself organized but thanks fo visiting) Whilst you're here why don't you think about cheese rolling and book your accomodation and travel early? just a thought.